GMSK Hotspot on a Pi

I was working on a project for another ham, and he bought me another Pi for helping him out. So, I’m putting it to good use and converted my hotspot from my main computer to the Pi! Notice the short 1ft USB cord. Much better.


Shorten those cables

I’ve seen some other hams shortening those long cables on their Raspberry Pi projects, I went ahead and bought some off eBay. I have a 1ft USB 2.0 A/B cable. Now the mobile setup is manageable. I also have the 6 inch USB to Micro USB to power the Pi


Rii Handheld Mini Keyboard, Touchpad, and Laser Pointer


Here is a new edition to the go-box.

  • 3-in-1 multimedia wireless keyboard (Keyboard, TouchPad, LED light)
  • Built-in rechargeable more staying power lithium-ion battery
  • 2.4GHz USB wireless receiver; works within 30M
  • This is a handheld keyboard with back lit – With 26 PCS dazzling bright LED lights to help when using in poor lighting environments.

My DVAP Project

My Current D*STAR / RaspberryPi project a VK5ZEA inspired RaspberryPi and DVAP mobile D*STAR Hotspot.

– Currently running RPI(32GB Ultra SDHC card Class 10), and2m DVAP and 70cm DVAP on a second R*PI, and a NQSMHS GMSK Modem on a 3rd R*PI.

If you would like to purchase a RaspberryPi, I bought mine from a company called ELEMENT14, there is another company called MCM Electronics they tend to have them in-stock (I highly recommend using MCM Electronics).

– My R*PI’s I use Manhattan 10-port USB Powered Hub

CradlePoint PHS300 Personal Hotspot – Wireless access point – 802.11b/g,

(Cradlepoint requires a USB style Aircard, when I’m not connected to the hotspot on my Sprint Phone)

NETGEAR® Wireless-N 300 USB Adapter, also I have designed several go-boxes with the “thumbnail” size wifi adapters and they work fine. Intellinet® 150N Nano Wireless USB Adapter

– 4.3″ LED monitor (12v) (this is NOT needed, but it is cool to have in the go-box)

isound Portable Power Max 16,000mAh Poly battery.

Everything is housed in the Pelican 1200 Case. Just for giggles I am also using a Logitech® K400 Wireless Touch Keyboardat Home. I have a MOBILE keyboard Rii Mini Handheld Keyboard, Touchpad, Laser Pointer(about the size of a $1 dollar bill)

I currently run the Johnathan Naylor G4KLX, R*PI/DVAP image, you can download it from,

you will need to download 2 files theWin32DiskImager(if you don’t already have it),

and the ISO image for your device, whether it be a DVAP, GMSK modem, or DVRPTR.

You will need a program called WINRAR to extract the image from the download.

There is some great info that Bill, AB4BJ has compiled from our little experimenting groups emails.

Here is a link to his website: also explains how to implement the auto-start on the AA4RC installation shown here below.

Here is the Demystifying the Raspberry Pi and DVAP Video:


AA4RC has released a RPI version of the DVAPTool program, Robin suggests that you use the following:

Rasbian “Wheezy” 0209 or better

and then install his software:

DVAPTool for the Raspberry Pi is now available for the Raspian Wheezy

distribution 2013-02-09-wheezy-raspian.img.


> Follow the steps below to install/run:


> 1) make sure you are running Raspian Wheezy 2013-02-09 and are connected to

the internet with your Pi.


> 2) open an LXTerminal window and run: “sudo apt-get install qt4-dev-tools”.

Answer “Y” when prompted.


> 3) in terminal window run: “curl -O


> 4) in terminal window run “sudo tar xzPf DVAPTool-1.04-rpi.tgz”


> 5) in terminal window run DVAPTool with “./DVAPTool” from your home directory.


> Note that this is a full GUI version. I’m working on a text only daemon.