My DVAP Project

My Current D*STAR / RaspberryPi project a VK5ZEA inspired RaspberryPi and DVAP mobile D*STAR Hotspot.

– Currently running RPI(32GB Ultra SDHC card Class 10), and2m DVAP and 70cm DVAP on a second R*PI, and a NQSMHS GMSK Modem on a 3rd R*PI.

If you would like to purchase a RaspberryPi, I bought mine from a company called ELEMENT14, there is another company called MCM Electronics they tend to have them in-stock (I highly recommend using MCM Electronics).

– My R*PI’s I use Manhattan 10-port USB Powered Hub

CradlePoint PHS300 Personal Hotspot – Wireless access point – 802.11b/g,

(Cradlepoint requires a USB style Aircard, when I’m not connected to the hotspot on my Sprint Phone)

NETGEAR® Wireless-N 300 USB Adapter, also I have designed several go-boxes with the “thumbnail” size wifi adapters and they work fine. Intellinet® 150N Nano Wireless USB Adapter

– 4.3″ LED monitor (12v) (this is NOT needed, but it is cool to have in the go-box)

isound Portable Power Max 16,000mAh Poly battery.

Everything is housed in the Pelican 1200 Case. Just for giggles I am also using a Logitech® K400 Wireless Touch Keyboardat Home. I have a MOBILE keyboard Rii Mini Handheld Keyboard, Touchpad, Laser Pointer(about the size of a $1 dollar bill)

I currently run the Johnathan Naylor G4KLX, R*PI/DVAP image, you can download it from,

you will need to download 2 files theWin32DiskImager(if you don’t already have it),

and the ISO image for your device, whether it be a DVAP, GMSK modem, or DVRPTR.

You will need a program called WINRAR to extract the image from the download.

There is some great info that Bill, AB4BJ has compiled from our little experimenting groups emails.

Here is a link to his website: also explains how to implement the auto-start on the AA4RC installation shown here below.

Here is the Demystifying the Raspberry Pi and DVAP Video:


AA4RC has released a RPI version of the DVAPTool program, Robin suggests that you use the following:

Rasbian “Wheezy” 0209 or better

and then install his software:

DVAPTool for the Raspberry Pi is now available for the Raspian Wheezy

distribution 2013-02-09-wheezy-raspian.img.


> Follow the steps below to install/run:


> 1) make sure you are running Raspian Wheezy 2013-02-09 and are connected to

the internet with your Pi.


> 2) open an LXTerminal window and run: “sudo apt-get install qt4-dev-tools”.

Answer “Y” when prompted.


> 3) in terminal window run: “curl -O


> 4) in terminal window run “sudo tar xzPf DVAPTool-1.04-rpi.tgz”


> 5) in terminal window run DVAPTool with “./DVAPTool” from your home directory.


> Note that this is a full GUI version. I’m working on a text only daemon.