I am involved with the Vernon Parish ARES as an Assistant Emergency Coordinator, along with being an ARRL Technical Specialist, Delta Division, Louisiana Section and ARRL Official Emergency Station.

I am active on 2m, 70cm, and 6m along with HF mainly on 40m and 75/80m. You can catch me on APRS as W5TMP when I’m in the car mobile.

I have an ICOM 2200 (D*STAR 2M) and for HF Icom 706MKIIG in the mobile, and an ICOM 756 Pro II using a 80m Double Bazooka antenna., ICOM 2820, and ICOM 92AD and ICOM ID-51 in the house.  I have 2 RaspberryPi’s connected to a 2M and 70cm .

I am also an Amateur Extra class operator as of 10/22/07.

My wife Donna is also an ham operator, KE5JNA, and my son Thomas is KE5EKK.

(Six Meters WordWide #2340) (South CARS #8534)

I 100% QSL via Direct (SASE greatly appreciated, but not required), eqsl.cc (AG),and LOTW (uploaded on request)

I am working on my DXCC/WAS award so please help me out.

Hope to talk to you on the air sometime!

The NEW CCS DTMF D*Star system my DTMF is 4611

I am looking into getting the DV-ADAPTER from (http://dstarradioclub-international.com/dv-adapter—purchase.html) so I can go D*Star HF on my ICOM 756 ProII (I just have to save my pennies and sell some equipment)

I registered my website:  http://www.w5tmp.com so please take a look at my Radio Blog.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Terry.
    Thanks so much for helping me. you were kind enough to help me. I had the question about the bandwidth use of a dvap. My dsl slows to a crawl in the evenings and i am concerned about how well i can communicate through a dvap.
    Thanks so much,

    • the quick answer is that they run on as little as 3G service on a cell phone. So, I would imagine that even if your DSL got REALLY REALLY slow. It would still work just fine. I do have a complete turnkey system available to ship just like the one I built Larry KI4TGI, if you are interested.


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